Make a detachable bag strap from a handwoven Wayuu strap. by Deena Bailarina

Make a detachable bag strap from a handwoven Wayuu strap.

What is a Wayuu Strap?

These straps are beautiful works of art sourced by me from a family-owned Colombian company that practices Fair Trade with the indigenous Wayuu communities of La Guajira, Colombia. These gorgeous straps are part of a long and rich weaving tradition passed down through generations of women in the matriarchal Wayuu tribe. You can read more about this beautiful culture and their art here and here

Each 100% cotton strap is approx. 41" long (not counting the fringe on each end) and approx. 2.25-2.75" wide. 

What is the tutorial about?

I'll be teaching you a very simple way to draft your own strap connectors to turn a Wayuu  (or similar) strap into a detachable bag strap! 

Materials and Notions

  • Handwoven wayuu strap (or similar) - available in the SHOP
  • Cork/leather/vinyl scraps for ends
  • (2) swivel hooks in your choice of size
  • Paper for drafting your end template/pattern piece
  • Scraps of woven interfacing (Pellon SF101 or WovenFuse)
  • Optional: Rivets for bling

  • Thread (I like to use a heavier weight topstitching thread)
  • Size 14 topstitching needle OR size 14/16 regular needle (depending on your machine
    and choice of end material)
  • Highly Recommended: Double-sided tape


Will we be learning how to weave a strap like this?

No. I only teach how to make the strap connectors (and attach them) in order to turn an existing woven strap into a detachable bag strap.

Can I make more than one bag strap from one Wayuu strap?

Sure! Each Wayuu strap is 41" (not counting the fringe), so you could follow my instructions for "binding" the cut ends and you'd have enough length to make two tote-length straps or even two backpack straps (tutorial on that to be added at a later date)!

Will these work with your guitar strap tutorial?

I'm afraid not. BUT, that isn't to say that they cannot be turned into guitar straps! The Wayuu straps come in two different widths (2.75" for the "regular" ones I sell and 2.25" for the "fancier" patterned ones). Either of those can be modified to be PART of a guitar strap with a bit of added length. Tutorial on that to come at a later date!