Make Tubular Bag Straps by Deena Bailarina

Make Tubular Bag Straps

Learn to make comfy and unique bag straps (for ANY bag style!) with this simple tutorial! (BONUS video on tubular fabric jewelry and using cork cord as an alternative)


You'll only need a couple of supplies/notions you may not have on-hand to make these beauties! Head to the shop to grab the goodies!

Versatile & Easy

My example shows a sling strap (approx. 30"), but you can make straps for ANY size bag. Simply use more or fewer tubes to change the width and make your tubes longer or shorter for different applications! I've made straps up to 55" long using my FastTurn tube! I make a tiny tote strap for a 3-year-old in the video.


  • FIRM 1/4" cotton cord/piping - available HERE (I do NOT recommend the dritz/wright's stuff - details on this in the video)
  • #3 (1/4") FASTURN tube & wire - available HERE
  • At least a fat eighth (approx. 9" x 21") of light to medium-weight cotton fabric depending on how many tubes you want to make and how long!
  • Cork, vinyl or leather for the ends and for the "keeper" loops
  • Paper for drafting your end template/pattern piece
  • Masking tape
  • Depending on the type of strap you're making...hardware (swivel clips, parachute buckle(s), etc.)
  • Optional: Scraps of decovil light (for lightweight vinyl/cork with WOVEN backing)
  • Optional: Rivets (8 mm work well)

  • Thread
  • Size 14 topstitching needle OR size 14/16 regular needle (depending on your machine and choice of strap end material)
  • Recommended: Double-sided tape