Handcraft your own padded guitar strap by Deena Bailarina

Handcraft your own padded guitar strap

A step-by-step guide

Materials and Downloads

Here you'll find a materials and tools list for your handcrafted guitar strap. You'll also download the strap end cutting template (if cutting your own ends) and a handy worksheet for you to use for calculating your strap width to cut for future straps in case you want to make narrower or wider straps using this same method.

Introduction and Prep

This first module includes a quick introduction to me, Deena, and an overview of materials. We then jump right in and I walk you through calculating your cuts of fabric, interfacing and padding (so you can make other size straps in the future) and doing the actual cutting. We also prep our strap ends in this module before moving on to interfacing and sewing in the next module.

Sewing & Interfacing

 In this section, we'll sew our strips together, interfacing, and add our padding so that we'll be ready to sew up our strap.

Finishing Up

Here we get to sew our strap up and attach our hardware and then stand back and enjoy the result!

BONUS modules

I've included two BONUS modules by popular request! The first deals with making an extra padded strap (dos and don'ts) and the second with...wait for it... Hacking a CAMERA STRAP! 

Materials Needed


  • One guitar strap kit with hardware and pre-cut cork strap ends (dbmakers.com)   
  • Two 2" rectangle rings & One 2" strap adjuster (also available as a set at dbmakers.com)
  • One piece of cork "leather" or genuine leather approximately 5" x 7.5" (*if using cork, you will also need a small piece of decovil light interfacing)

  • Cotton, linen or other natural fiber fabric for the top of the strap (6" x 42")
  • Cotton, linen or other SOFT natural fiber fabric for the bottom of the strap (6" x 42")

  • 1/4 yard of Pellon Thermolam (or other heavyweight fusible fleece)
  • 1/2 yard Pellon SF101/Shapeflex (fusible woven cotton interfacing)

  • Size 14 or 16 machine needles
  • Glue (E6000 or rubber cement)
  • Leather hole punch, 3/8" (only if making your own strap ends)
  • Rotary cutter and mat (highly recommended)
  • See-through quilting ruler (highly recommended)
  • Topstitching thread (optional)
  • Clips (optional)

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Will this strap work as a camera strap?

The strap we'll make step-by-step during this course would be too wide (2") and long (60+") and wouldn't have the correct hardware to work as a camera strap. However, it's important to me to impart the WHY as well as the HOW of making this kind of strap so that you'll be able to use the concepts learned to make any kind of strap you want (more or less padded, different dimensions, different hardware). That's why I've included the BONUS modules at the end!

Can I sell straps that I make from the knowledge learned in this course?

Absolutely! Sell away to your heart's content! You own your own knowledge, no matter how it's obtained! The only thing you may NOT do is share or distribute the copyrighted templates or supplemental materials/worksheets. You also can't share the copyrighted videos themselves or your access to them.